Thunderbird to Office 365 (MS Outlook) Converter for Mac OS X

It is now possible to get pristine Thunderbird to Office 365 conversions! Use Mail Extractor Pro for perfect Thunderbird to Office 365 conversion results.

File destruction in the process of converting emails from one mailing client to the other is a harsh reality. And if the user is involved in a complicated conversion such as Thunderbird to Office 365, then the chances of data modification/damage are even higher. There are of course ways to sidestep such goof ups but most of the users remain ignorant of them. This article aims at making the users aware of a foolproof way of getting perfect Thunderbird to Office 365 conversions without affecting the integrity of the data at all.

Mail Extractor Pro

Mail Extractor Pro is a sound way of getting Thunderbird to Office 365 conversions without any unwanted hiccups. It is a third party email conversion tool that provides brilliant customization options alongside an infallible conversion process.

Thunderbird to Office 365

If we talk about the pros of using this amazing Thunderbird to Office 365 converter tool, then let us begin with the safety aspect. This tool is one of the safest tools available out there. In addition, it is bug-free and thereby safeguards the data from internal threats too. Mail Extractor Pro also happens to be the only tool to give out comprehensive conversions. Its results are considered to be of the highest quality among its competitors. The conversions are beyond excellent and are achieved through a perfectly streamlined method. Learn more about it in the next section.

It takes only 3 clicks to get perfect email conversions from Thunderbird to Outlook 365 using Mail Extractor Pro

Undoubtedly, Mail Extractor Pro is a bundle of amazing features but its most appreciated feature is the simple process that it has for converting Thunderbird to Office 365. Unlike the chaotic and incomprehensible steps involved in the Thunderbird to Outlook conversion processes of the ordinary tools, this tool directly cuts to the chase. It has an extremely simplified process that leads the user to the converted files in about a couple of clicks.

How it Works

If any user wants to convert files from Thunderbird to Outlook using Mail Extractor Pro, then here is what they need to do:

  1. It all starts with upload of the database that has to be converted from Thunderbird to Office 365. In that, all a user has to do is click on the ‘auto-load’ option and the tool would automatically extract the data from the default directories.
  2. Next, the user has to check all the uploaded data to his/her satisfaction. Once that is done, the user must choose a location to save the Thunderbird to Office 365 converted files.
  3. Lastly, the user must click on ‘convert’ to begin with the process. The user can keep a watch on the movement of the files through log report. Once the process gets completed, the files can be located in the chosen location.

Isn’t that an extremely facile way of achieving Thunderbird to Outlook 365 conversions? It is indeed! And that is why you need to take prompt action and grab a copy of this Thunderbird to PST converter tool to begin transferring your mails from Thunderbird to Office 365.

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