Thunderbird Export to PST – The Quickest Approach to Data Conversion Without Any Problems!

thunderbird export to pst

Did you switch to Outlook after years of using Thunderbird? You may want to learn how to get your data moved across these clients. And it’s not going to be an easy task, unless you have some correctly developed tools to help you. The majority of third-party solutions that claim to help in Thunderbird export to PST don’t work as you’d expect them to.

So, in this post, you will find out the quickest approach to this particular data conversion that would leave you surprised, as there are no usual problems and setbacks that a user often faces. This solution recommended below will let you know exactly how you can perform this Thunderbird export to PST (Outlook file) using a third-party tool that’s most recommended by experts and beginners alike.

First, here is some background on the process

Why we need Thunderbird Export to PST files?

Mainly because the raw and native files of Thunderbird can’t be imported to Outlook directly. Outlook employs its own proprietary file format called PST, short for Personal Storage Table. It’s the file used for archiving or exporting data, importing data, backing up data, or any other similar sort of operations. You cannot use any other file format in Outlook other than PST.

And sadly, there’s no built-in feature in Thunderbird to archive data into PST format. It can do so in MBOX format, which is a more generic file format, but nothing that can be used with Outlook. So, you are left with the only option to use a third-party file converter.

There are few manual ways to get the same result, like you can use a dummy email account as an intermediary (instead of any data files) to sync data across Thunderbird to Outlook. But it’s too tedious, time consuming, and even impractical for massive databases. It also results in loss of data integrity and requires high internet bandwidth to get the job done (since the data is being uploaded and downloaded).

A third-party tool eliminates the need of such complex manual methods and allow you to simply get the Thunderbird emails archived into PST format, which you can import back to Outlook. But it is never so simple, even with the help of tools.

These Thunderbird to PST converters aren’t built to take care of all sorts of items and metadata stored in your Thunderbird database. You can face some pretty severe data loss and partial conversion, where many components aren’t converted accurately to PST files. Missing images, damaged non-English text characters, broken attachments, and so on are common integrity errors you will see.

Here is the Solution you are looking for!

This is where “Mail Passport Pro” comes in and delivers a seamless experience of a job that’s usually filled with many problems. It offers accurate algorithms, easy interface, and a tech support that will make the entire process a breeze. Just launch the tool on your PC, load your Thunderbird database to convert, check the folders you want to convert, and hit ‘Convert.’ When the tool has finished converting data into PST files, simply import those files back to your Outlook.

The speed and ease of use with which “Mail Passport Pro” operates is unique and not offered by any other tool or manual technique.

Get the trial edition today and check it out. It has more essential features that you might need, but the best way to check them out is yourself, through the free trial mode.

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