Saving Your Thunderbird to PST Data File!

Getting data from Thunderbird to PST is not straight

Thunderbird is one of the most used email clients in the world. Its popularity is based on three of its top most features i.e. it is cross-platform nature (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux), it is open-source and is free. But along with all that, there comes a problem as if you want to move your Thunderbird data to either Windows or Mac Outlook, you are not going to get away with that easily. Since Outlook uses *.pst files to import data in both Mac and Windows version and Thunderbird can’t archive your data in that format, you are stuck with conversion of Thunderbird to PST only.

  1. Completely bypass the need of *.pst files. Migrate the data using email servers to and from your original client to the one you want to move. Sync data from Thunderbird to any email account/server and then sync it back from that account/server to Outlook.
  2. Archive Thunderbird data to *.mbox files using the in-built export feature of Thunderbird. Use a third-party Thunderbird to PST converter.

There are other ways too, but the above two methods are the most common ones. But sadly, both of them involve a lot of manual efforts. It can take anywhere from hours to days, depending on the size of the database you want to move.

Clearly, most of the users have trouble doing this part. And if you are here reading this article, you are one of them.

Do not worry. The next part of this article talks about how you can easily save your Thunderbird to PST data files despite the inability of the client to do so.

Mail Passport Pro is the Solution for Thunderbird to PST Conversion

This solution does not involve any time-consuming and inefficient methods to get the job done. Like using an intermediary (*.mbox files or an email account). Instead, it directly gets to your Thunderbird profile folder. Start extracting information from there followed by saving it to new *.pst files.

All the complexities and frustrations of conventional ways has been eliminated entirely.

All you have to do is click on “Thunderbird” and let the tool auto-load the profile folder of your client or you can manually choose any other backup database folder. Then, check the folders inside the database you want to convert, and click “Convert.” The tool then begins its processing and in no time will give you perfectly accurate *.pst files that can be imported in any Outlook versions, including Windows Outlook 1997 to 2016 edition, Mac Outlook 2011 and 2016, Exchange Active Sync, and Office 365.

Thunderbird to PST

It’s a Window based application from a reliable source, Gladwev Software.

Gladwev Software has plenty of efficient and highly successful email migration tools under the belt to show for. They are often unconventional but completely user-friendly solutions.  It helped many home users and large corporations in dealing with complex tasks like migration of email data.

And this tool is another one of their tools with the same level of professionalism.

You can download Mail Passport Pro to convert Thunderbird to PST. The free trial version has a limit of converting ten items from each folder, but it allows you to fully evaluate the features without restricting your freedom in any other way. The tech Support adds a whole another layer of efficiency and ease of use for the first-time users or for any unique cases where a user might need some outside assistance from experts.

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