Recovering PST file – Safe and Accurate Way

Recovering PST file

The whole messed up process of recovering PST file from OST files and conversion of OST files into PST files is one of the major challenges in the email world out there.

Email being the most widely used way of communicating and exchange of data, faces the problem of safety and recovery of data. The files travel mostly in two prominent file formats, OST and PST.


PST files are the major player of the game. PST or Personal Storage Table is the file format that is compatible with Outlook for importing and reflecting the data onto the Outlook server.


OST files are the offline files that are downloaded by Microsoft Outlook on your system as soon as you login to its server. The OST files contain your all files and data present on your email account providing you with the facility to work in an offline environment.

The user can manage update and synchronize all the email related data files on the OST files. But problem occurs when the user wants to reflect all the hard work done online. OST files are a great source to keep your data intact and come in very handing when shifting email accounts but cannot be directly imported into Outlook.

Since PST files are compatible with Outlook and are used for reflecting the changes on the server, we need to convert OST files into PST.

Recovering PST file

But this task is very much harder than it sounds. Recovering PST file from OST or converting OST files into PST cannot be done manually and if the user tries to do so then may end up corrupting or damaging its data.


USL Software took up the challenge of creating the ultimate solution regarding Recovering PST files from OST and converting OST files into PST for importing purposes.

Recovering PST file

With OST EXTRACTOR PRO they achieved their goal.

OST EXTRACTOR PRO reduced the human effort and pain that was wasted in converting OST files into PST by simplifying the process.

OST EXTRACTOR PRO came up with an interface that made this nightmare look like a walk in the park. The interface provides the user with minimum and only essential functionalities that need to be used during the conversion of an OST file.

The tool uses the latest technologies present out in the market to make the process full proof. And they succeeded in doing so by achieving a perfect 100% successful conversion rate.

Each and every byte of the data is recovered and converted into PST.

During the conversion tool focuses on its security too. OST EXTRACTOR PRO maintains the data integrity and hierarchy of the file system making the process error free.

Integrity here means that there are no modifications done to the original content of the data during its conversion. The file system is maintained in the original form, .i.e. that each and every file and folder remain in their original position.

Recovering PST file from ost

Get for recovering PST file

OST EXTRACTOR PRO matches up to the versatile nature of the IT world and is available not only for Windows but for MAC to. So, Jobs or Gates it doesn’t matter who you follow, it is the best solution for you. Download the FREE trial today.

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