Recovering OST files for the first time? Try ‘OST Extractor Pro’

Are you recovering OST files for the first time? No need to worry, you can use this amazing tool –‘OST Extractor Pro’. You don’t need any expertise to recover your files. This tool by USL Software will do everything for you. Just upload your files in the tool and recover as many files you wish to recover.

No expertise is required to use OST Extractor Pro.

How can you recover OST files?

OST files are the offline files which cannot be used with the online servers. You have to convert them into PST format or any other format in order to recover the data in them. Now the question comes how to convert the files into the PST format? Well, OST Extractor Pro will do all your work. It can convert the OST file to PST. No matter how big and complex the file is. OST Extractor Pro takes care of everything and gives accurate result. You have to convert the OST files if you want to open the files in outlook or any other email account.

OST Extractor Pro is available for windows as well as Mac.

Recovering OST files

Why is it so simple to work in OST Extractor Pro?

OST Extractor Pro is developed by a team of experts. Everything is provided to the user. Everything is done by the tool and algorithms work continuously in background. The user needs to upload his file in the tool and all the conversion and recovery will be done by the tool in the background. There are many algorithms run in background to handle the complex OST files. But everything is done so quickly that the you get the result very fast. User has to do few things like uploading the file and selecting the output format. That’s it. Rest everything is done by the tool.

Use OST Extractor Pro for best results:

It is safest recovery tool. It gives you guarantee and protects your data from data theft.

It gives you most accurate result. It uses high level algorithms to produce the accurate results.

It is very fast. It converts the data in no time. Very large files can be converted in couples of minutes.

The UI is designed in such a way that the user converts the files effortlessly.

The data is not modified at all.

Damaged OST files can be recovered. Encrypted and password protected files can also be recovered using the tool.

OST Extractor Pro can convert the OST files to à

PST, Postbox, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, EML.

Try the software:

You can try the trial version of the tool. Click on the link given and start recovering your files.

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It is free.

You can go for full version also. You can choose the version of the software like personal, corporate etc according to your need. This is the best tool in the market. Download it now. The link for the software is mentioned below;

Get it here:

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