Recovering OST files – as simple as ABC

recover ost file

OST Extractor Pro is the best, simple and fast way for recovering ost files. It will recover each data carefully from ost and convert into multiple file formats

Recovering OST files

If you have ever faced trouble with corrupt or damaged Offline Storage Table (OST) files, you must have required using ordinary conversion tools in the past. More than ever it can be an extremely wearisome task, if you have a big batch of OST files to recover. The ordinary tools so often available in the market do not support batch conversion. This means you must have had to convert each file individually. That is extremely time-consuming and exasperating for you.

Fast Conversion

OST Extractor Pro is a unique, no sweat, seamlessly streaming tool. It operates on a special and logic targeted OST framework that enhances data-flow during recovery and conversion. That makes it the fastest tool for the job. It can handle files with a lightning fast speed. Under regular conditions, you could get as fast as 1 GB within ten minutes. Thanks to the modern algorithms of this tool that do not deal with unnecessary jumps and gaps in data processing.

Super Simple

OST Extractor Pro is easy to use email conversion tool to assist you with converting OST to PST (Personal Storage Table) files and recover all components from OST files to PST. If you are looking for a quick, easy to use and accurate program to convert Outlook Offline Storage Table of Windows Outlook called OST to the ‘Personal Storage Table‘ file called PST, you’ve arrived at the right place. Built by USL SoftwareOST Extractor Pro offers exactly what you need to convert OST to PST.

Recover OST files into multiple file formats

Recovering OST files and outputting it into PST is the most frequently used function of “OST Extractor Pro.” But it’s not all. Depending on your needs, you can also recover data and convert it into other more generic and standard formats. (Like: MBOX file, EML file, and or Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, Postbox).

recovering ost files

Accuracy of Data conversion

It is OST Extractor Pro which offers the accuracy to keep track of a simple string of text and characters from one network to other. It is very important for a software program to ensure that these items are picked and converted completely and cleanly. You will never have to worry about missing a single item, or having an imprecise conversion. There will be no loss of data integrity, no unwanted modification, no data fragmentation. It also supports password protected OST files and emails encrypted with S/MIME protocols.

Works on Mac & Windows

OST Extractor Pro is a definite one stop tool to cater the needs of both personal and professional setting looking for leading – edge conversions. The user is simply required to follow some simple steps, as instructed. It can readily import the converted PST file into MAC Outlook or Windows Outlook over across versions.

It is upto you to manually select a particular set of folders only, if you do not mean to shift and convert all mails to PST version. This feature is a boon for professional set up, with value for convenience and flexibility of use too.

What more, the tool comes with a 24 x 7 customer support service, for situations if you ever fall into a setback or query.

Get it for recovering OST files

Download the setup of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ using the link below.

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OST Extractor Pro available for both Mac & Windows. Download it today for recovering OST files.

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