PST to MBOX Converter Online Tools Do Not Work as You’d Expect! Try this Mac Compatible Desktop-based Tool Instead!

pst to mbox converter

PST to MBOX converter online are extremely rarely available tools that work on your web-browser using the server-side scripting. But the complexity of the files make it a very poor choice to convert them through online tools.

OST to PST Converter Online

And if you have massive files in a large number, you need to first upload them and that can take countless hours.

As a result, it’s rarely recommended to use a PST to MBOX converter online.

Instead, try a desktop based full conversion utility that has the power, the algorithms, and the essential options that can give you correct results.

Desktop based PST to MBOX Converter

And it’s better to do it in Mac even though PST is a Windows file. The reason is because the destination format is MBOX, which is natively and more closely associated with Mac operating system, even though it is a generic file that can be used across several platforms. By using a Mac dekstop-based email migration software, you will instantly realize the effective nature of the approach.

However, most PST to MBOX converter are below par. And that’s where this post comes in. In the passages below, we have discussed the best of all converter by USL Software that will get you through this otherwise demanding task with ease.

Mac Based PST to MBOX Converter

It is officially called “PST Extractor Pro“. As the name suggest, the tool extracts data from PST files and converts it into MBOX files (including other output formats that are available) with utmost precision.

pst to mbox converter online

It’s completely offline tool, meaning it works on your Mac OS X without requiring any internet connection, add-on, or anything like that. And since there’s always complex data within these both files and the extraction of data is complicated as well, the tool has powerful and dedicated logic to offer a clean migration. You will never notice anything missing or fragmented.

Take a look at the following items and think how important they are for your data:

  • Images or any graphical objects inside the email contents
  • Folders and their hierarchy, how they are structured within the database
  • Any text characters in languages other than English, like Chinese or Japanese
  • Headers and metadata, usually means like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject Line, Time and Date, etc.
  • Nested emails received in a conversation style and their structure
  • Text formatting (font type, font size, bold, etc. and HTML formatting)
  • Email Attachments

All these components of an email database are highly relevant to all the users. If you’d lose any of these items, it will certainly be quite disappointing.

And yet, most users who go through migration using PST to MBOX converter online have to suffer through severe data integrity errors. All the resulting files more often not that fragmented and contains loss of information that is irreversible.

Download PST to MBOX Converter Online

It’s not a surprise that every expert would recommend a fully professional converter utility, not just merely a file converter, to migrate your email data from PST to MBOX. And “PST Extractor Pro” is definitely the best among them.

Want to know more? Download the free trial version and see for yourself at

PST Extractor Pro” has a free trial version that can convert ten items per folder. As for the full version, you can activate through any of its paid licenses depending on how many computers you want to use the tool in.

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