PST to MBOX Converter Mac Free- The Foolproof Method of Converting Files Without the Data Integrity Flaws!

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The PST to MBOX Converter (Mac App)

Looking for a PST to MBOX Converter for Mac for free? Most of what you are going to find on internet will not be worth your time. They are built without any consideration to what users want, without proper algorithms to deal with the complexities of email migration, and do not have any support.

The reason why PST to MBOX conversion can often turn out to be a massive undertaking full of challenges hard to overcome is because of the difference in the files.

PST is a proprietary file format natively associate with Windows Outlook. Other heand MBOX is a generic file, primarily with Mac email clients (though other programs and services also use it). Both files vary in their inner architecture and data-flow tables. This means that all the data inside them (emails, contacts, metadata, headers, etc.) are considerably structured in a highly varying manner.

Mac Tool to Convert PST to MBOX

Not a surprise that any PST to MBOX converter for Mac requires sophisticated programming algorithms to extract the contents and appropriately implement everything correctly. With ordinary converters, you will never find the data in your output MBOX files where you expect them to.

The hardest are the headers, metadata, attachments, images, non-English text characters, the folders in their correct order, text-formatting inside the email bodies (including HTML formatting), and few others. These components are not the easiest by the typical programs to detect from PST files. And therefore, the output can be heavily flawed in terms of data integrity.

The worst part is that a user cannot check every converted email to look for any missing component. You may not realize that an important graphical object from an email (like graphcs, photos, etc.) didn’t convert correctly. Or you may not see any missing text-character (especially Chinese characters) from the converted MBOX files. It’s only later when you will come back to your data that you may find discontinuties and fragmented data structure.

The good news in all this is that a data integrity loss is possible to avoid through a professionally built PST to MBOX converter for Mac. And most likely, you are on this page right now under the hope of finding such converter.

You came to the right place.

The Best PST Converter for Mac

PST Extractor Pro” is one of extremely few PST to MBOX converter that works accurately with all your database and its contents. The tool features some sophisticated algorithms that handles the complexity of modern email files very well. The dedicated logic for each item that we mentioned above. Ensures nothing will ignore and you get perfectly, clean converted MBOX files.

pst to mbox converter for mac

The tool has several other useful features that are not present with conventional solutions. For example, you can load multiple PST files and convert them all together. You no need to worry about accuracy or impacting other performance factors. The tool also features automatic conversion of contacts and calendar data to VCF and ICS files respectively.
And that’s not all. There are other minor but highly practical features available that will for the first time make the job of converting PST to MBOX flawless and quick, something that has always troubled users for a long time.
The best way to find out all about those features is to download it right now.

Download PST to MBOX Converter for Mac

It is a Mac compatible program that works on OS 10.6 or higher. You can download the setup below and start trying it out instantly in its free trial mode.

Get it here:

pst to mbox converter

If you are looking for PST to MBOX Converter for Mac, then this will be the best choice for you.

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