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Thunderbird to PST converter from USL Software called “Mail Extractor Pro” is your key to safe and seamless data migration, the one that totally eliminates any chances of compromising data integrity.


Best Thunderbird to PST Converter – the key to safe and seamless data migration!

Thunderbird can archive data to MBOX files, and to move that data to Outlook, you can convert MBOX to PST. But today we will talk about a much better way to migrate your data. The one that frees of extra but unnecessary steps.

USL Thunderbird to PST Converter

The application you will be using for this is “Mail Extractor Pro”. And there are multiple reasons why it is most often recommended Thunderbird to PST converter, but the one feature we are focusing on is its direct conversion.

Thunderbird to PST

By direct conversion, we simply mean, you do not need to first archive Thunderbird emails to MBOX files. This tool eliminates that step. Although, keep in mind, if all you have are MBOX files, “Mail Extractor Pro” is fully capable of converting MBOX to PST as well. However, if your goal is to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook, you get a much better option to do that.

Easy to work with

When you launch “Mail Extractor Pro,” Just click on “Load” next to Thunderbird/Postbox icon, and the tool will automatically load your Thunderbird profile from the default location. It is such a convenient and quick way to load your input for conversion. The entire time required for conversion is almost cut to half. No need to go through convoluted steps to archive data to some files or to look anywhere within Thunderbird database to find the files that need converting. Just one click will load the entire folders stored inside the Profile.

If you are worrying that you need to convert some other backup databases of Thunderbird, not the main Profile, here’s another pleasant surprise: in that case, simply specify the location of the backup database and then “Mail Extractor Pro” will do the rest.

Not only is it much easier and quicker, it is also accurate in terms of data output integrity multiple fold.

Email migration of any kind, but specifically the ones that involve two different file formats, are often inaccurate and result in loss or compromise to the data integrity. However, with “Mail Extractor Pro” direct and auto-load feature, you can leave such concerns behind.

How Else does “Mail Extractor Pro” rank in other Features relative to other Traditional converters?

Processing your emails can be daunting and intimidating. There are many factors at play, both from the users’ side and from the application side. Therefore, in many large migration scenarios, even if the entire database is converted from Thunderbird to PST, there are other obstacles that can pop up. Depending on each case, these obstacles can either be ignored or not. In some cases, they can make the entire task of conversion ineffective and impractical.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

Inbuilt PST Splitter

For instance, large Thunderbird conversion will lead to large PST files. If the PST gets too large, there will be a lot of trouble trying to import it to Outlook. But “Mail Extractor Pro” offers a quick way to control the size of the output PST size. Just specify how large a file your computer and Outlook can handle. And the tool will split the larger files automatically if there’s need to.

Smart algorithms and user interface

Another example of why “Mail Extractor Pro” is the favorite Thunderbird to PST converter for many users is because of its remarkably simple interface. The developers have done an amazing job to simplify the graphical UI of the tool such that no matter how much experienced you are in email migration, you will find it natural and intuitive to implement all the features the tool has to offer. No more messing around with complicated technical tutorials or spend time learning the ropes.

Other impressive features include:

  • One-click option to ignore all empty folders
  • Batch MBOX Files conversion
  • Unicode text conversion support
  • MIME headers conversion support, and more.

Try it before you pay

USL Thunderbird to PST Converter

You can try it out using a demo edition that is completely free to download. Installing is just as easy as using it; launch the setup file and follow the installation wizard to install it in just a few clicks.


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