Ost To Apple Mail Converter – With Features Like Friendly Ui And Accurate Folders’ Mapping, And More!

Professional OST to Apple Mail converter with features that support all cases and scenarios of email migration are few. The better ones do support the features but may have other drawbacks such as no tech support, non-friendly user-interfaces, and so on.

OST to Apple Mail Converter

But here you will get to know one of the finest OST to Apple Mail converters that has it all. Developed by USL Software, the converter has no loose ends. It brings features like accurate folder mapping, Unicode text conversion support, and much more, all of them are united under a friendly and graphical interface.

Converting Ost to Apple Mail files is often filled with data loss, modification in folders’ hierarchy, loss of non-English emails, and more. These integrity errors can often be detrimental and devastating to not just business users but to home users as well. A tiny component loss could mean anything ranging from loss of an important business client or loss of a precious photograph.

All of these are no longer going to trouble you.

The Converter, That Works on Mac & Windows

This OST to Apple Mail converter is called ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

ost to apple mail converter

Before reading anything further, we suggest jumping in and getting to see for yourself. Lucky for you, you do not need to buy it yet. The free trial version is now available to download for free and you can evaluate the tool’s performance fully in own PC or Mac, which brings us to another one of its excellent features.

convert ost to apple mail

This is the only OST to Apple Mail converter available for both Windows and MacOS platform. Get the one that you need to use in. Both versions offer equal set of features and level of performance.

To elaborate some of them, here are the notable features in detail:

Accurate Folder Mapping

Every email user in today’s day and age arrange the emails in particular folders and sub-folders. This arrangement is called folder hierarchy and every generic type of tool fails to keep it intact. This OST to Apple Mail converter has a sophisticated set of scripts that can map it from OST to Apple Mail pretty accurately.

Unicode Text Conversion

The tool is perfect to convert emails in non-English languages supported by Unicode standard. It can convert text in almost all languages and writing systems today. This also includes the users from China and Japan, which languages specifically tricky because of double-byte characters.

Tech Support

Tech support may often be ignored if the tool is very easy and simple to use. But, in complex scenarios a good tech support can be a life-saver. USL brings 24 x7 tech support for your assistance ay time of the day or night. Get in touch and clear your queries if you have any. They will also help you to convert files if you do need it.

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If you are looking for OST to Apple Mail or OST to PST converter, it will be the perfect you.

The free trial version of “OST Extractor Pro” is available to download instantly. You do not need to fill any form or sign up for anything.

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