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Nowadays, every new day gives birth to something novice in technology which is bound to astound you and make the old tools with old technologies obsolete. In this constant bloom of technology, switching from one tool to another is a common phenomenon. One such trending common phenomena is switching Mac book with Windows PC.

The only complication in this switching is that Mac book’s Outlook 2011 database does not work with Windows Outlook because of Windows Outlook’s PST format. So, one has to convert one’s Microsoft Outlooks OLM format to PST to make it function in Windows Outlook.

However, this vulnerable area, with no verified solution, fell into the abyss of forgery. Many third party tools launched their incompetent tools claiming them to be the best in this arena and looted millions of money. However, one company stepped in to change the gloomy scenario and made the ideal tool for OLM to PST Conversion.

The OLM to PST Converter Tool

Meet OLM to PST Converter Pro by Gladwev, the first tool with, ‘the flawless execution of OLM to PST Conversion’ record. The product was prepared with the help of multi-level research and creative inputs from Gladwev’s team of software engineers which resulted in a safe and reliable tool which does not just meet customer’s demand but exceed it.

This tool perform all its jobs with great dexterity and performs an all-round performance. It creates a friendly environment for the user with the help of its interactive Graphic User Interface, and automatically converts every OLM file to PST format in the fastest speed possible. There will be no cases of data distortion, corruption or loss, and every inch of Microsoft Outlook’s database will be converted to PST format with no modification incurred on it, whatsoever.

Your hopes must have soared high after reading the above written lines, but if the fear of price of this tool creates any hindrance, fear not. The prices of Gladwev tools are always affordable to serve the rich and not-so-rich alike. To make things easier, OLM to PST Converter has been produced in different license which caters to different requirements of customers.

Here are the licenses you can choose from:-

Individual license

This license covers the OLM to PST conversion need of, as the title suggests, only one individual’s account or accounts. The Mac/Windows license come preloaded with this license which allows installation of the tool on 2 machines. For this license of OLM to PST Converter Pro, you will have to pay $39 and for that of OLM to PST Converter Ultimate, $49 only.

House hold license

This license fulfills the OLM to PST Conversion requirements of your entire family. This license also comes loaded with MAC/ Windows License and can be installed on 10 machines. The price of OLM to PST Converter Pro and Ultimate for this license is US$ 59 and US$ 79 respectively.

Commercial license

If you have just expanded your business to one small office with less than 100 employees or if you need OLM to PST Converter for your new unit at a new place, this license is just for you. Conceptualized to cover the OLM to PST Conversion needs of small organizations, startup or IT support technicians of any organization, this license grants Bulk mail accounts conversion, installation on at most 100 machines and comes with Mac/Windows license included. For OLM to PST Converter Pro and Ultimate’s commercial license, you will have to deprive your wallet of US$199 and US$ 299 respectively.

Enterprise license

This is the big organization’s license. Designed to meet the needs and requirements of any big organization with 100+ employees and offices all across the globe, this license also allow Bulk mail Accounts Conversion, can be installed on at 100+ machines and with Mac/Windows License. Feel free. To make this yours, you will have to pay US$ 899 and US$ 999 for OLM to PST Converter Pro and OLM to PST Converter Ultimate respectively.

If any of the above features raise any hope of a better OLM to PST Conversion, feel free to download the free trial version of OLM to PST Converter. Invest in OLM to PST Converter only when the demo version impresses you.

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