Migration of Email from Thunderbird to Outlook for Windows and Mac!

Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook, the words that no email user wants to hear while starting his/her day. The task has always been one of the more complex and technical obstacle that you must overcome to ensure that none of your data is lost during the conversion process.

Migrate Email from Thunderbird to Outlook

Manually overcoming this obstacle has now become the talks of the past. Modern day quantity and complexity of data has made it impossible for the user to convert all the data from one format to another manually.

Third-party converter tools are the modern-day solution to all your email conversion problems. These tools are the thing that you need to must have in your conversion arsenal to get the most out of your attempts of Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Mail Extractor Pro is the most complete tool currently present in the market that gives you the full control over the conversion process.


The mbox to pst conversion tool offers you everything that is required to get a conversion process that clears all the essential benchmarks of a perfect conversion process.

Accuracy that has no match

Accuracy of Mail Extractor Pro surpasses every other converter tool present in the market. The tool’s accuracy is one of its stand out feature that gets you the perfect conversion of all the data present in the input file to another format without fail.

Migrating Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook can become tough as the quantity, type and encoding scheme of the data travelling via the email database file is of very diverse nature. One of the toughest things to convert that travels via email is the Unicode data present in the input file.

The Unicode data is all your non-English data including the meta-data, images, calendar data etc. This type of data is a bit different from your usual ASCII encoded data and therefore, sometimes can become a little tricky to convert.

Many Converter tools fail at this very point while Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook thus, making the conversion process an incomplete one. But not Mail Extractor Pro. The tool converts even the Unicode data with extreme precision and accuracy, giving you a conversion process that is safe and complete.

Interface that makes it easier

Interface of any mbox to pst conversion tool is the first screen that you see. It is the tools chance of creating a first impression on you. If the interface of the tool is not good, then it makes a bad impression on the user. And with Third-Party Email Converters have a reputation of not having very easy going and fun interfaces.

Mail Extractor Pro breaks that myth by providing you one of the simplest and easy to use interface. The interface of the Thunderbird Mail to Outlook converter tool doesn’t show unnecessary functionalities that might scare the user off. It only shows what is necessary to achieve a better and faster conversion process.

migrate email from Thunderbird to Outlook

To add to this while Migrating Email from Thunderbird to Outlook, the tool provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step of conversion process, keeping you from getting distracted and lost.

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