Migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird like a Pro (Innovative and Feature-rich Tool)!

apple mail to thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max is an innovative tool, packed with features that will migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird super efficient and quick.

migrate apple mail to thunderbird

Key features include:

  • Adaptive interface that is easy to navigate. Simple but functional.
  • Quick Commands
  • Auto-loading of Apple Mail Database, requiring no files
  • Manual option to select or de-select any folders
  • One-click option to de-select all empty folders
  • Also convert Apple Mail to Entourage 2004/2008, Postbox, Outlook Mac, and MBOX and EML files
  • Delivers comprehensive result without skipping a beat, all items converted (images, attachments, nested emails, email addresses, links, cloud-based files, etc.)
  • supports Unicode text conversion with special algorithms including Chinese and Japanese and other languages otherwise tricky to work with
  • Traces information like folders placement accurately and maintains the hierarchy
  • Generates detailed conversion log/report for advanced users
  • comes with a tech support 24 x 7 by USL Software: quick, responsive, and friendly
  • runs steadily and smoothly, without any bugs, crashes, or freezes
  • Runs very fast and converts data in no time
  • Handles large and multiple databases/files easily in one go
  • Capture the original essence of data with all the details and structure intact
  • works on its own requiring no additional third-party utilities or add-ons
  • It works in offline mode and processes all information locally
  • comes in several licenses and also as a free trial version
  • All updates are free for lifetime

Migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird Like Pro!

Email migration can be tough on basic users. Even experts can often struggle to do it right. Migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird is one of those tasks. Even though both are for MacOS and even support a common data file called MBOX, the migration can still take wrong turns, ending up with dozens of errors.

Mail Extractor Max gets rid of that. It is built upon the cutting-edge framework of algorithms that run deeper than any generic mail conversion software, delivering exhausting results.

All the advanced features are integrated under a single, graphical interface that makes it perfect for least or none experienced users as well. This unique and tricky combination of sophistication with simplicity has set the tool apart from all the others.

Short tutorial on how to use it:

  1. Once downloaded and installed, launch it.
  2. Click on ‘Load’ and then ‘Autoload’
  3. If you want to convert other backup databases, choose ‘Open’ and then select the database from any location they are saved at.
  4. Remove the folders you do not want to convert by removing the check next to them.
  5. Choose the output ‘Thunderbird’
  6. Click ‘Convert.’
  7. Wait for the conversion to be over.

You can try it right now through the free trial version. There are no risk, no information is required to download, and no form to fill up.

The website: https://www.mailextractormax.com

Get it today to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

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