Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook (Methodical and Precise Program)!

Most solutions, methods, and programs for migrating data across clients with no common data files are very disorganized, slow, and overall inefficient. And that too only applies for the ones that work at all. A vast majority of the solutions available do not work with the emails properly and with the items linked with them such as attachments, MIME headers, and images.

Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook

This is also true for migrating Apple Mail to Outlook Windows. Both clients share no file that you can use across. Apple Mail has EMLX and MBOX and Mac Outlook only uses PST, not to mention, they are for different operating systems. Most of the conventional techniques are certainly not on the table because of that.

There is not precisely any shortage of ways and methods you can pick to migrate the contents, but to find the one that will actually work without making you face painful complications is a nightmare.

This is why this article was written, so you don’t have to do that.

Get “Mail Extractor Pro” from the link given below and you can change forever the dire state of email migration programs, mostly to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook.

migrate apple mail to outlook

You can also use to convert mbox to pst as well as Thunderbird/Postbox to PST for Mac & Win Outlook.

How does this program work?

The biggest change it brings is getting rid of the need of MBOX or EMLX files. It natively supports the scanning and loading the Apple Mail primary database (called ‘Profile’ or ‘Identity’) automatically from the default location. You can also choose to select any backup databases, if that is what you want to migrate to Windows Outlook.

After that, all you need is to choose the size for the final converted PST files, which lets the tool split it if the size is crossed during the conversion. This is to avoid problems later on that are often faced when trying to import very large PST to Outlook.

{Also, the program works equally well for converting Thunderbird, Postbox, and even the generic MBOX files from any sources.}

Why ‘Mail Extractor Pro’?

Some more reasons to pick ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ besides the immensely convenient auto-loading of primary database of Apple Mail:

  • No additional steps or inputs required from users. Just point, click, and watch the files convert quickly.
  • Natively and cleanly converts text encoded with Unicode standard (involves most of the world’s scripts).
  • Accurate retaining of information such as read/unread status of emails, order of the nested emails, and the structure of your mailbox folders.
  • No dependency on any additional utility/addon or even internet. Works fully locally and independently on your machine, also without any noticeable usage of resources of your Mac computer.
  • Conversion report/log in the end for easily understandable but in-depth analysis of the process
  • Friendly support team accessible with a single click, always available to get you to convert files without problems.
migrating apple mail to outlook

Get it to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook

Go to the official download page to get your free copy. The setup file is free to download and you can install the trial mode of ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ for more complete view of its performance and value.

Get it today to convert Apple Mail to PST and hassle free migrate your Apple Mail data into Outlook for Mac and Windows.

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