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Don’t skip your MBOX to PST Conversion. Carry it out effectively!

Users find MBOX to PST Conversion so intimidating that they skip the process entirely. Until and unless it is very necessary to carry out the conversion process, the users don’t do so. This is not the right way of handling the conversion process.

MBOX to PST Conversion

You need to take on the conversion process headfirst. To effectively carry out the conversion process, all you need is the right conversion solution. With the right conversion solution by your side you can easily tackle all the obstacles that come your way during your conversion process.

MBOX, PST and the need to convert MBOX to PST

MBOX to PST conversion can become an overwhelming process to carry out. If you don’t have the right help, then it can prove an uphill battle. But with the right help by your side, it can be a walk in the park.

Both MBOX and PST are nothing but just file formats. These file formats help your email clients in storing and manipulating your data. MBOX is used by most email clients that work on MacOS and PST is the preferred format for Windows Outlook.

MBOX is generic in nature and is compatible with most clients running on MacOS side of things. But that is not the case with PST. PST or Personal Storage Table is a file format that is used by Windows Outlook for the same purpose as MBOX. But the problem here is that it is only compatible with Windows Outlook. Thus, whenever you need to shift your data from Mac based email client to Windows based email client, you need to convert MBOX to PST.

Mail Extractor Pro: The best way to convert MBOX to PST

To import MBOX to PST you need a perfect blend of power, precision and accuracy. USL Software Mail Extractor Pro is the conversion solution that has it all. It is one of the most complete solution present in the market.

It provides you with all the generic as well as rare features that help you in getting the job done without any problem.

Split Large PST files into smaller

Large files can become a big problem when converting MBOX data to PST. The large size of the files makes it harder for your conversion solution to deal with the data present in them. This leads to incomplete or buggy conversion of your data.

This converter tool solves that problem for you. The tool automatically splits large files into smaller ones while converting your data. This size limit can be set by you. The tool makes no compromise on the quality of conversion ensuring that everything is retained while splitting the files.

The best interface in the business

The tool supports one of the best interfaces for a converter tool in the market. It is clean and simple to understand. It is unlike the usual overcrowded interfaces you get with your usual conversion solution.

This interface makes converting MBOX to PST easier than ever. Plus, it offers you a step by step guide that ensures that you are guided throughout the conversion process.

The tool has a lot more to offer. Download the free trial of the tool to get a look at all of them.

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