Import OST to Windows Live Mail – The Definite Solution You’ve Been Looking for!

There are no direct and official ways to import OST to Windows Live Mail. In fact, OST is pretty much useless with any manual data import tasks, even with the Outlook itself. So, here is the solution.

Import OST to Windows Live Mail

OST file is pretty much incompatible with any email client, in fact, even with Outlook itself. Outlook works with the OST file automatically and internally, allowing you to access data even offline. It syncs with the servers when the internet is connected. But other than that, there are no ways to manually move the file around, neither in Outlook nor in any other client.

Therefore, to import OST to Windows Live Mail, you need to find other ways. Some of them are ineffective and exhausting, mainly the manual techniques that do not rely on any other third-party tools. Other methods require a tool that can bypass the technical limitation and gets the data migrated.

But all of those methods are in general non-professional and you will not like the results at all. The worst-case scenario is the data loss and damage to the structure of the folders. And sadly, this scenario is not too rare when it comes to importing OST to Windows Live Mail. Many users report mild to severe data loss, which is pretty devastating.

But that does not mean there is no way you can effectively get through this task.

Best Tool to Import OST to Windows Live Mail

“OST Extractor Pro” features that solution that you urgently need.

Import OST to Windows Live Mail

It is a tool that takes the information from OST files and allow you to convert and save to many other formats. One of those formats is EML, a short form of electronic mail, and it is the most common file format to store email messages.

Originally associated with Windows Live Mail, EML file is nowadays compatible with many programs that handle emails.

Other solutions you can find online, whether tools or manual methods, are inefficient and risky compared to how “OST Extractor Pro” works.

How to Import OST to Windows Live Mail

Here are the steps involved for converting your OST files to Windows Live Mail EML files:

Total Time: 15 minutes

You first need to install u201cOST Extractor Pro.u201d You can try the free version first to see everything up close.

Once installed, launch the program and click on u201cAdd OSTu201d at the top of the wizard screen.

Browse to the location where the OST file you want to convert is located and select the file.

Remove any folders you do not want to convert.

Click u2018Convertu2019 and wait for the tool to do its job.

“OST Extractor Pro” is also the quickest ost file converter available today. No matter how big your OST file, it works with lightning fast speed without compromising any other aspects like stability or accuracy.

Note that you also get the options to save the converted data in other formats as well, like MBOX, standard PST file for Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox, and more. EML is just one of the available choices for saving the output data into.

Get it to import OST to Windows Live Mail

The tech support is available day and night to take any questions or help you during conversion regarding anything. Forget any thing methods or applications. “OST Extractor Pro” is a complete package without any loose ends and will let you import data from OST files with a professional ease and precision.

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You can use this tool to import OST to Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Postbox etc.

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