Why This Tool to Import Entourage to Outlook Went Viral Amongst Users Looking to Migrate Their Data!

Importing Entourage to Outlook means getting all your data migrated across these email clients using MBOX files. The method usually follows these steps:

  • Get your Entourage data into MBOX files…somehow!
  • Find a good enough MBOX to PST file converter
  • Load each MBOX file on to the tool and convert them into PST, one by one.
  • Copy PST files in your Windows PC
  • Import them to Windows Outlook

This may sound time-consuming and exhausting, because it is. The steps shown above are not even in detail, they are truncated. For instance, getting Entourage data to MBOX files is not easy. You have to drag and drop each folder inside Entourage to your Mac desktop (which in turn turns those folders into standard MBOX files). This process of dragging each folder can be very tedious, not to mention, it doesn’t preserve your folder hierarchy, it doesn’t apply for contacts and calendar, and it may miss certain information inside your folders, like images, attachments, headers, and more.

Clearly, the way users have been moving Entourage to PST data by converting MBOX files to PST is not the best method you can adopt.

Then came “Mail Passport Pro”  that quickly went on to become the finest solution out there for this job. Its success depends on many factors, some of them are generic for every software application, like user friendly interface, 24 x 7 tech support, free of bugs, and so on. But what truly made this tool go viral amongst users looking to import Entourage by converting it to MBOX and then to Outlook. In fact  it doesn’t even need MBOX files to make this happen for you.

Mail Passport Pro” has a direct option to let you load the Entourage native files called RGE. You can simply go to “File” –> Export and select your content to be exported into a single RGE file. This gets everything from your database including all the metadata and contacts and calendar into one single RGE file. Therefore, using ‘Mail Passport Pro,’ you can simply convert it in PST.

This eliminates a host of problems and challenges the common Entourage MBOX to Outlook PST conversion brings with itself.

The tool gets rid of the biggest concern amongst users: it gets every little detail from Entourage RGE file and converts them to PST. You can expect to get your folder hierarchy exactly as in original, no image is lost or broken, the Unicode text characters (Non-English) are converted without any errors, and every header information is picked up by the tool to ensure zero gaps in your output.

Finally, “Mail Passport Pro” is a complete software service package from Gladwev Software because of its other added benefits that come from the company:

  • Free tech support available night and day
  • Free updates throughout lifetime
  • One-time payment for activation (no monthly or yearly subscription hassle)
  • Several licenses to find your best suited version
  • Free trial version without locking down any features, except it converts ten items per folder, making it a perfect way for you to check it out thoroughly.

If you too want to convert or migrate your data smartly, like a true professional, download the setup file today and get started with the free trial version.

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