Is There a Way to Export Emails from Postbox to PST Without Succumbing to Its Painful Challenges?

Postbox is an email client that was from Microsoft for Mac users but was then dropped and replaced by Outlook. You might then think that moving or exporting emails from Postbox to Mac Outlook must be simple. But sadly, there is no official way to do it quickly.

If you do not want to surrender to all the unnecessary and painful challenges a traditional approach for exporting emails from Postbox to Outlook Mac makes you face, you are going to need something else.

Export Emails from Postbox to PST

Mail Extractor Pro‘ is a software application that finally brings a great way to successfully brings the features you need and an intuitive way to convert data accurately. It is a tool that is unlike all other solutions available out there.

Let us look at how it functions:

If you want to try it right now and follow along as I explain its process, you can try the free demo edition and just go with the action directly.

Firstly, ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ converts data from multiple sources, not just from Postbox. But we will talk about them in future posts.

export emails from postbox to pst

Secondly, the output format it gives you is PST, the native format used in Windows Outlook to store emails and all other items.

You might be thinking, what if you want to move emails from Postbox to Mac Outlook. That is the good thing about this proprietary but open-source file format called ‘Personal Storage Table,’ or PST. It may be a native file used by Outlook for all sorts of purposes, like data archiving, exporting, backing up, migration, etc. But it is also applicable for importing emails into Outlook Mac.

Note that you cannot export or archive data from Outlook Mac into PST, only import.

Convert Every Little Information

Mail Extractor Pro‘ will take all the emails from Postbox, extract every little information (including metadata and headers), and implement all of it into clean and correct PST files. Plus, you can also control the size of this output file and if you want, get multiple PST files, rather than a single large file.

The process of extraction and all the processing is through the proprietary and highly precise mechanism of ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ that forms its core feature. Instead of the ordinary and weak algorithms, here you have dedicated and multi-layered algorithms that ensure clean migration without any changes or losses. The tool is able to not only protect every email and items, but also retain the structure and hierarchy.

export emails from postbox to outlook

USL Software has put a lot of efforts in making the entire process feel intuitive and clear to the end users. There is nothing that you have to do manually other than select Postbox input, choose folders inside the database you need to convert to PST, select the size for the output PST file, and click convert. The interface works in the favor of the basic users without any migration experience, but is also fully functional and gives the essential control options for more sophisticated projects (like in a big corporation).

Speaking of data input, it can automatically detect your Postbox main database, so you do not have to fiddle with the files yourself.

Get it to Export Emails from Postbox to PST

Try it. There is everything in it that you have asked/needed.

We receive this question every time from our readers, “Is it even possible to quickly export emails from Postbox to PST without succumbing to the usual setbacks the task often is associated with?” A large portion of all the methods and tools for exporting Postbox to Outlook have turned many into the non-believers of a good tool.


Mail Extractor Pro‘ is boldly changing the status-quo and finally delivering the streamlined experience to an otherwise complicated task.

If you are looking for Postbox to PST, Apple Mail to PST, Thunderbird to PST and MBOX to PST converter, then ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ will be the right choice for you.

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