Why You Shouldn’t Any EMLX to PST Conversion Tool for Mac Mail Migration into Outlook!

emlx to pst conversion tool

Moving away from Mac Mail to Outlook and want to migrate your data? You are probably looking for an EMLX to PST conversion tool to help you convert the files to suitable format. But we recommend you stop doing that.

EMLX to PST Conversion

Here is why you should not use an EMXL to PST converter for this data migration task.

But first, here’s a quick briefing about the files involved.

EMLX file (*.emlx)

EMLX is a simple text file format used by Apple Mail to store a single message, including the headers. Attachments and other items is stored in variants of EMLX format. In the earlier Mac Mail versions, emails were stored in the standard MBOX format. But to make index searches faster and efficient, Apple decided to use EMLX files, each file for a single message. It’s basically a simple text file that you can open using any text editor, but it won’t be easier to read because the metadata is in the form of XML plist. But you can open it directly in Mac Mail for much convenient reading.

Also, it is easier to confuse EMLX with EML format. EML is a standard file for storing email messages and is used extensively across many software and email clients. But they are nothing like each other. This is also probably one of the reasons why users who want to migrate Apple Mail data into Outlook look for EMLX to PST conversion, as they falsely assume that EMLX is the same as EML.

EMLX to PST Conversion Tool

When you use an EMLX to PST conversion tool, you have a lot of unnecessary overhead and can be very time-consuming, if at all possible, for the modern EMLX files and the email related data. It is also a very tiring and daunting process. Each email you received in Mac Mail is stored in an individual EMLX File and the other components are stored in other EMLX variants. As you can probably imagine, to convert EMLX to PST, it takes a lot of time and efforts to dig into your Mac Mail database and handle all those EMLX files manually. It is not only frustrating but also risky to the safety and integrity of your email files.

For the complexity of email files in today’s time, converting EMLX to PST is almost impractical and doesn’t work if you have anything more than a 2 GB of database.

Furthermore, even if you have only few folders and few EMLX files to convert, the result is never fully accurate and thorough. You are likely to find some missing data and gaps. Integrity loss is very common and the most frustrating aspects of EMLX to PST data migration.

So, what is the solution if you want to migrate the data from Mac Mail into Outlook?

A much better way is to use ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ converter tool. It ends the unnecessary fuss over EMLX files and offer you a direct approach to conversion to PST. When you launch the tool, you will see an option to ‘Load’ next to Apple Mail. Click ‘Load’ and then select ‘Auto-load.’ The main Apple Mail Profile database will be selected and automatically used as input for conversion into PST. You still have the options to manually remove any folder you do not want to convert. If you want to convert some other exported or backed up databases and not the main Profile, you can do that as well by browsing to the location and selecting the entire database in one click. No more messing around with EMLX files manually.

emlx to pst

Lastly, one more feature of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is MBOX to PST conversion. Apple Mail doesn’t use MBOX by default, but exporting your emails to standard MBOX files is very easy to do, and then you can use that file to convert it into Outlook PST.

It works as

Auto Load Entire Mailbox

However, the recommended method with “Mail Extractor Pro” is to let the tool autoload the Profile.

The accuracy and thoroughness of output in the form of PST files are also improved drastically. You can let go of all the fears and worries about data loss or missing components or broken structure. Everything in Apple Mail will be converted to PST without skipping a single detail.

emlx to pst conversion

Easy, Safe & Accurate

There is a lot more to this application than we discussed above. It’s extremely simple interface but also high-end features have made it into a universally adopted software app for converting application for this job that is also suitable for all kinds of users. Whether you have some high-level email migration to perform in an IT department, or whether you are juts an individual looking to migrate your personal data into Outlook – “Mail Extractor Pro” gives you everything you need to do the job correctly and safely.

You also get options like limiting PST file to over a specified size limit, excluding the empty folders from output file in a single click, international characters conversion support from email headers, accurate conversion of folder hierarchy, and speed and stability.

The tool is offered by USL Software, the same source behind many other similar excellent email migration software that has enabled a lot of basic users and advanced users to move their email data across clients in a safe and quick way. Besides the truly professional software, USL Software backs up all their tools with services like email and chat support, TeamViewer support if needed, free lifetime updates, more licensing choices, free demo, and a guarantee of user-satisfaction at every step.

Give it a try

emlx to pst converter

You can try it out using the demo version that is available for instant download at no cost. Installation will take no more than two minutes. See it for yourself how well the tool works in helping you transfer your data to Outlook and why it has made all EMLX to PST conversion tools obsolete.

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