EML to Outlook Conversion now snag-free and full of amazing features!

eml to outlook conversion

It is possible to carry EML to Outlook PST conversion on your own like an expert at the first attempt itself. Mail Extractor Pro by USL software lets you do that with its intuitive interface and brilliant features. It has exclusive features that set it apart from other options, resulting in an output that is flawless and conversion experience that is unmatchable. To get your share of EML to PST converter for Mac trial, click on the link below.

eml to outlook

EML to Outlook Converter software now for fastest mail conversion ever

Setting this software apart from other tools is at first its capacity to convert data directly in the mac. The users are able to carry the entire process without having to move the data to a windows device. The process too is quite simple, the users get a hang of it just after the first use.

Simplest EML to Outlook Conversion

  • One can begin to carry EML to Outlook import just after they have downloaded and installed this software. An array of options would be available on the desktop for the user to choose from- thunderbird, apple mail, Postbox, EML and Apple MBOX to PST.
  • As soon as the user chooses from any of these, the entire database is selected. In case one is selective about the files that they want to convert. They can deselect the files in the next step.
  • There is an option to automatically ignore all the empty files too. This frees the users from the unnecessary headache of dealing with the empty folders.
  • There is an option to split large pst files too. The user just has to select the number of files they would like to split such files into.
  • Send the  command for the conversion to begin, result would be delivered in the blink of an eye.

Faster EML to Outlook Conversion method has not been discovered

Apart from the ability of the software to convert data in the mac itself, another fact that contributes to fast conversion is its ability to bulk convert. It chooses to convert several files at once, thereby taking away the responsibility from the shoulders of the users to carry the process over and over again.

Keeps metadata and folder hierarchy intact

One does not have to stress about the safety of the data files, each one of them remains safe and in their location intact. In fact, even the folders and subfolders are arranged by this software in a hierarchical order.

Adept with several languages

As this software is Unicode compatible, no additional effort is required to keep any type of data safe. Languages that utilize double-byte characters are also safe with this software. Convert files of languages such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese with it without thinking twice.

There are several other benefits of using this EML to Office 365 converter software, download it now and discover them. You will find the download link below at the end of the page.

Try now at https://www.uslsoftware.com/download/mail-extractor-pro/

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