Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST Straight from the “Profile”!

Many methods exist to move or convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST. But not all of them produce desired outcome. The most common problem with those methods is the loss of time and the incomplete conversion.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST

But when you do it in the right way, you can avoid all that. The most recommend approach is to convert emails directly from the ‘Profile’ database of Thunderbird, the default folder where every item including emails and contacts are stored. If you have multiple identities/profiles, each one of them have a separate folder, but you can convert the main database directory that includes everything.

Tool for Thunderbird Mail Conversion

Such a method can easily be approached with ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘, the finest tool in its category that lets you avoid dealing with each file or folder individually and instead gives the freedom to convert emails straight from the Profile folders.

convert thunderbird to outlook

Auto Load Your Entire Thunderbird Mail Data

The app even lets you choose a database that is not in the default directory. Which means, you can manually pick another database from other locations outside of the Thunderbird’s installed directory. The data conversion process works in an equally accurate manner as with the auto-load.

What’s more? It also gives you the freedom to convert MBOX to PST files. And since Thunderbird can export data to MBOX (using a third-party addon), you can use MBOX conversion feature of the tool to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST. But it is not the right way. The feature is suitable for the cases where you only have MBOX files, likely to be from other sources, such as Google. If you only want to move Thunderbird data, the autoload feature is highly recommended over the MBOX conversion.

convert thunderbird to outlook pst

Split PST File As Per Your Requirement

Another feature is limiting the size of the output PST file. Many times, users have a large database on Thunderbird and converting it all into PST file could result in an oversized file, which is difficult to import later on to Outlook. By letting you set the size limit, the tool gives you the choice of converting database into multiple PST files that do not cross the size-limit you set.

Accuracy In Mailbox Conversion

The internal logic that is at the heart of the app does most of the heavy lifting. All the complex components of an email database are dealt with precision and careful attention to details. The hierarchies of folders, graphics, email attachments (Mainly non-textual), MIME defined content, headers in Unicode, and so on – all of these information are usually administered by generic tools in a way that results in loss and structure damage. But ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ works in a far different and superior way than all other apps out there. It’s exclusive and dedicated algorithms succeed in guarding every little component during the process, resulting in zero errors.

convert thunderbird to pst

Get the Free Trial Copy for Evaluation

You can start directly with the full version that does not limit the number of emails you can convert from Thunderbird to PST. Or, if you feel you need to see it in action before activation, try it out in a free demo mode that works on ten emails per folder.

Mail Extractor Pro’ is the most seamless way to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST directly from its main database, while also allowing you to choose other sources if you need to.

Accurate down to the smallest byte of your data, quick to process everything, essential features, is backing up by a 24 x 7 tech support, and is remarkably simple to use!

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