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OST to PST Conversion is a common process nowadays. Since every professional now uses Outlook as an email client, he/she deal with OST daily. OST stores mail database in the offline format, and makes office communication extremely easy. PST is the personal storage table. It is the format which runs in Outlook.

But to sync these OST files with PST, one need to have an account on MS exchange server. Exchange server uploads these OST files saved on one’s computer and syncs it with PST files. Then these files can be imported into Outlook, and can be run in it. Then why do we need to convert OST to PST? Continue reading to know more.

Reasons for converting OST to PST

OST to PST conversion becomes mandatory in the following situations:-

  • Exchange server maintenance time – There comes a time when MS decides that MS exchange server needs maintenance. But how will you do your work then? Well, you have no other option but for recovering OST files to PST, or else, you will have to wait for MA Exchange server to get back into functioning.
  • Exchange server gets crashed – MS Exchange server sometimes gets crashed due to malware, virus or any other reason. Just like the preceding paragraph, at this time, you have two options, either to wait for Exchange server to recover or convert OST to PST yourself and get on with your work.
  • Corruption of OST files – OST files sometimes due to virus and malware get corrupt. The only way to make them work is to convert them to PST format and then import them into Outlook.

Now that you have known why the need can arise to convert OST to PST format, it is important that you know how to do it.

How to convert OST to PST format?

Since, the procedure to convert OST to PST format is fraught with uncertainties; it is never recommended that you convert them manually. It can do more damage than good. You need a professional tool to do that job for you.

Therefore, we recommend that you get OST Extractor Pro. This tool has been developed by USL software which has earned a reputation in making email conversion tools. The tool has been backed by several strong features. This tool not only makes OST recovery easy but conversion too. The tool is capable of converting any type of mail content, bulk files in a matter of minutes, and provides option for selected conversions. OST Extractor Pro offers much more.

convert ost to pst

Get it to Convert OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version which can be used to explore the too to full potential to gain faith in the tool. And only when one is completely satisfied with the tool, one can buy the license version of the tool.

ost to pst

If your household is full of professionals, you can buy the license of the tool at $49. This license offers unlimited usage with lifetime license, and free updates.

Get started with OST to PST Conversion right now with OST Extractor Pro.

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