Cannot Open OST in Outlook – Here is How You Can Still Import the Data!

By now, you may have realized that you cannot open OST file in Outlook, considering you are reading this post. You may not know why that is, or know what to do about it, but one thing must be clear that there is no option in Outlook to import or open data stored in OST files.

OST, PST Data files

That’s because it is not a possibility under the way Outlook works and stores data. This may come off as a surprise to most because OST is after all Outlook file, just like PST is. And PST can be opened easily in Outlook.

Even though, OST is in a way a cached Exchange mode of PST, there is still a big difference between OST and PST files. The biggest one is that OST cannot be imported.

But that does not mean you cannot get the data stored in OST back into Outlook email client.

Cannot Open OST in Outlook…

Many scenarios with inaccessible and isolated OST files leave users anxious and panicked because they assume the data in OST is stuck. There is a simple way to import all the emails and other contents into Outlook by converting OST to PST.

Such a file conversion is not always straightforward, especially because it not manually possible; you need a software that can convert these files. This form of conversion has complication. It requires a professional software that is with necessary features and safety in mind. Renaming OST to simply PST also does not work. A professional software should be able to restructure the way information stores in OST to store in a way that is appropriate for the PST.

There are not many OST to PST converters out there and the ones that do exist work inefficiently. You would find yourself stuck in an endless loop of technical manoeuvres and even then, find the result to be either incomplete or full of errors.

The Solution to Open OST in Outlook

This is where ‘OST Extractor Pro’ comes in. One of the very cross-platform (Mac and Windows) OST to PST converters that delivers results in appropriate way – free of integrity errors, quickly, and without modifying the structure. It is from USL Software, a software company that is behind many other successful email migration applications.

Cannot Open OST in Outlook

Accuracy and Efficiency

‘OST Extractor Pro’ is in no way similar to the other converters. USL Software developed it from the scratch, ditching all the old conversion algorithms, and building up a whole new way of data processing. The result is a highly precise OST to PST conversion software that runs with efficiency and lets you convert the data with ease.

Easy and Fast Performance

Its interface also comes in play in a major way. Because there are other converters, but their UIs are over-cluttered to the point of confusing even the experts. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ has a single unified wizard screen that is easy to use by the beginners as well. It not only makes it possible for non-experienced users to convert OST to PST but also makes the entire task more efficient and productive.

Free Trial Copy to Test

Open OST in Outlook

You can try it for yourself. The demo edition is available to download for free OST to PST conversion software. The trial version converts up to ten emails per folder and gives you full access to all the other features. There are many more aspects of the converter we didn’t get the chance to discuss here. Download it and check it out yourself.

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