Go for the best MBOX to PST converter for Mac for Microsoft Outlook

When we talk about Apple mail to PST conversion the first thing that hits our mind is the MBOX file format. Keep reading this article if you want to know the best MBOX to PST converter for Mac

MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

MBOX is basically a Unix host file extension. It is used to organise the emails in a text format. Usually, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple mails use this file format. This file format is specifically supported by Apple and Mozilla. If you look forward to converting and export your files from Apple email to Outlook windows or Mac then you need to have a converter tool.

A tool that is one of the best MBOX to PST converter for Mac

Mail Extractor Pro: the one stop shop for all Solutions

I would like to introduce one of the most innovative converter tool, the Mail Extractor Pro. Mail Extractor Pro is excellent in converting your Apple email, Thunderbird emails, post box emails and MBOX to PST.

mbox to pst converter for mac

Direct Conversions Without Manual Process

The best part about using the Mail Extractor Pro is that you do not have to convert your Apple email into MBOX archives. Instead, you can directly extract the data from your email into the tool itself. This tool not only helps you to import your file into windows Outlook but it also helps you to import your files to Mac Outlook.

mbox to pst converter

How Does It Work?

All we need to do is download and install the tool on your Mac. Once you’ve done that upload the MBOX files onto the tool. You have two options offered by the tool either you can upload the complete file that is the MBOX folder or if you like you can choose the folders that you would like to export to Outlook windows or Mac.

To be more precise you can take the folders that you want and ignore the ones that you don’t want to extract. Also, you can click on the setting to ignore the empty folders. This will help you not to migrate unnecessary data to your Outlook Mac.

Once all this is done you simply need to click on the convert button and once it starts you simply have to select a folder location where you would like your PST files to be saved.

That’s all, and the one last step that is left is that, the PST file that you get from the tool finally needs to be imported to the outlook Mac.

Specially Created for Mac

When it comes to using tools for windows you get many options on the internet, but there are very few options available for Mac. This tool works excellently for Mac users. It’s added advantages and features make it a must buy tool for all.

A Good Deal for All Users

It is best for individuals and small-scale businesses and apart from that if you are an enterprise which deals with such output and extraction of data on daily basis then you have a special package for yourself too.

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MBOX to PST Converter for Mac free Trial

You can download the tools from www.mailextractorpro.com, best MBOX to PST converter for Mac because it is easy, it is cost-effective, and it is accurate and efficient. Buy your version of this tool today.

To download the free trial and import MBOX to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

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