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Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion (Easy and Accurate)

The toughest task with shifting from one email client to another is the shifting of data from your previous account to a new account. And when you have to perform Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion, then the problem becomes bigger.

Apple Mail and Postbox: Complexity of Conversion

Apple Mail and Postbox are two very popular email clients available to MacOS users. Both of them particular set of features that has helped them garner a big user base. Both of them are almost similar in working, the only difference between both of them is the way Apple Mail stores the data.

It uses the EMLX format for storing its email client’s data which is a bit different to the MBOX format used by Postbox. Thus, you need to convert the data from EMLX to MBOX in order to successfully carry out your Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion.

Mail Extractor Max: The perfect tool for your Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion

apple mail to postbox

Mail Extractor Max – Convert Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac, Entourage Archive, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML formats.

Converting data from Apple Mail to Postbox isn’t easy. With all the complications, technicalities and the data involved in the conversion, the risk factor goes up as the data size increases. The increased size of the data also causes problems with manual conversion of data as the internet protocols fail to cope up with it.

The best and the most preferred way of converting the data is with the usage of a third-party mail converter tool.

Third-party converter tools help you in converting the data with the help of modern technologies and they make the overall process simpler.

But not all that glitters is gold and that is the case with third-party converters. There are a lot of converter tools out there that don’t deliver the expected performance and can make things worse for you. You need to be careful with the converter tool you choose.

Mail Extractor Max is the most recommended converter tool by the experts. The tool comes to you from the innovators in email conversion business, USL Software. It is a complete package that offers exceptional bunch of features that improve your Apple Mail to Postbox conversion process for the better.

apple mail to postbox conversion

Makes Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion as easy as it gets

Interface is usually where most converter tools used for Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion fail to excel. The interface is only medium of communication between user and the tool. And with usual converter tools you get an overcrowded one.

Mail Extractor Max provides you with a very intelligent interface. It makes the conversion process easier for you even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge about Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion. With just a few simple steps and graphical wizards at every point you can get the conversion process done within very quick time.

how to convert apple mail to postbox

Yes, it makes your Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion faster

Speed of your Apple Mail to Postbox Conversion is another factor that is affected in a very positive manner by Mail Extractor Max.

The tool makes quick work of the data ensuring that you don’t have to wait for a long amount of time for the conversion process to get completed.

The speed achieved by the tool is exceptional but the tool doesn’t trade compromise on any other factor of the conversion process to achieve this speed. You get the same quality of conversion just in less amount of time.

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Still unsure? Then, download a free trial of the tool today and try it yourself.

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