Add Apple Mail to Outlook – Forget the Impractical Convoluted Methods!

Most common approach to add Apple Mail to Outlook (on Windows or Mac) is to archive the emails to MBOX and then convert MBOX to PST. PST is a native file for Windows Outlook that also works on Mac Outlook for importing purposes. The second most common solution is to sync the data to some email server and then sync back to Outlook (does not require neither MBOX nor PST or any other file).

Add Apple Mail to Outlook

Both methods have their drawbacks, and in many cases, those drawbacks could be devastating. To put it shortly, they do not work, and if they do, the results could be far from accurate.

What we are suggesting here is something different. It is time to forget about archiving emails to MBOX or any other elaborate ways to transfer your data. The app called “Mail Extractor Pro” takes a much simpler route but finishes the job brilliantly and in a precise manner, while also saving your time. It works double or triple times faster than any other app or method. The precise time required is dependent on the size of Apple Mail you want to migrate, but in general, it can process a GB of data in less than ten minutes.

add apple mail to outlook

But speed is not the biggest factor in making it the most preferred app for this task. It is the direct and auto-loading of database, in process, eliminating the need for data files like MBOX.

The way it works is this:

  1. You select ‘Auto-load’ and the tool automatically picks up your main/primary database folder called “Profile” or “identity.”
  2. It then scans it completely and shows you all the content within the profile.
  3. You are free to remove any folder you don’t need migrating to Outlook
  4. Use the ‘Ignore all empty folders’ to remove any empty folders from adding to the output PST
  5. Choose maximum size you want for PST (the app splits the files if they become larger)
  6. Once the conversion is finished, you are free to import or add the PST to Outlook (Windows or Mac)
how to add apple mail to outlook

Notice how straightforward and efficient the procedure is. There are no elaborate and confusing processes you are forced to go through. There is also no need to even archive Apple Mail to standard MBOX files, which is how most tools work for helping you to add Apple Mail to Outlook. Note that the option to convert MBOX to PST is offered by the tool (but it is only when you have MBOX and not the Apple Mail direct database).

Free Trial to Add Apple Mail to Outlook

You can try it for free below. The trial edition is free to download without signing up for anything, and you can get started within a few minutes.

Download and

Check out how everything works in more detail before you activate.

It’s a Mac OS compatible app, small in size, takes no CPU resources (or minimal), and is user-centric in both functionality and interface aspect.

adding apple mail to outlook

Time to let go of the past apps and methods that never worked and might even risked the integrity of your files. Adopt this new, better way to convert or Add Apple Mail to Outlook that does it directly, without making you go through confusing procedures. There is around the clock technical support available (also including TeamViewer assistance). So do not hesitate to ask for any kind of support you need, or simple queries you might have.

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